Respect Prim, Don’t Cry If She Dumps You – Netizens Warn Unruly Muhangi

August 31, 2021
Alex Muhangi with slay queen

Alex Muhangi with slay queen

In April 2020, war of words erupted between Comedy Store CEO, Alex Mugangi and events promoter, Suudiman Lukwago over Prim Asiimwe.

The war started when Suudiman posted a photo of Prim and captioned “I love this woman, she is beautiful anyone knows if she’s single or married”.

Alex Muhangi immediately intervened, blasted Suudiman and asked him to chill his baby mama.

The stubborn Suudiman asked Muhangi to show him the wedding picture and added salt into the wound by claiming the Comedy Store CEO is cheap and doesn’t think he can ‘put a ring on it’.

Alex Muhangi and Prim Asiimwe

Blessed with her beauty and fame, Muhangi has failed to tie her down following 8 years of dating.

In July this year, Prim Asiimwe publicly revealed she is not engaged which made netizens question Muhangi’s motive. He acts insecure when a man talks about his baby mama but doesn’t want to commit himself.

Muhangi has made himself a name as comedian, businessman and emcee. He is always surrounded by slay queens who ask to pose for photos.

Yesterday, a photo of Muhangi posing with Bryan White’s babe, Vivian Mutanda while touching her behind leaked online. This angered some netizens who accused the Comedy Store boss of lack of respect towards his baby mama while others warned him to not cry if she dumps him.

Concerned citizen commented

No relationship is perfect. Despite hurdles, Prim and Muhangi are still going strong.

We don’t know what plans Muhangi has for his baby mama but we warn him to tie her down.