Rema And Hubby, Hamza Named Mengo Rotary Blood Bank Ambassadors

February 19, 2020

Singer Rema Namakula and her husband Hamza Sebunya have been named brand ambassadors for the Mengo Rotary Blood Bank.

The blood bank programme announced the partnership on their twitter handle today at the launch of the Annual Transformational Leadership Forum and concert at Mengo Hospital.

“The #TLFUg20 will be followed by a dinner and concert featuring Rema and Dr Hamza Sebunya who turn out to be our Ambassadors on this cause,” they tweeted.

The concert is aimed at raising $100,000 (over Shs360m) to equip the Rotary Blood Bank at Mengo Hospital.

Speaking at the event, Dr Sebunya called on all Ugandans as the issue of blood touches everyone and requires all to get on board.

“With my medical background, I know what people go through because of blood stockout. What is common in our country is postpartum haemorrhage and it causes 25 % of all maternal deaths. These are very high figures for our country,” Dr Hamza Sebunya said.

“My wife and I have come on board and we shall fully advocate for this Program until completion. We shall be proud when the gap of 100,000 units of blood is closed,” he added.

Moreso, Rema thanked Rotary for identifying their couple as brand ambassadors of the programme.

“I am a mother and I know what women go through when giving birth. Dr Hamza has taken time to tell me about the blood crisis in Uganda,” she said.

“I am ready to sensitize people about the blood crisis but most importantly help in closing the blood gap so that we reduce maternal deaths. We are going to be part of this until the machines required to process blood are at the Blood Bank are procured.”

The couple has been a good team since their wedding last year, walking side by side to every event. Most recently, when Rema hosted her valentine’s day concert last week, Mr Sebunya participated actively in the organisation and promotion.  He also attended the concert and gave full support, including delivering gifts to his wife while she was on stage performing.