Promoter Responsible For John Blaq’s 10 Year Ban In USA Speaks Out

January 11, 2020

Boston-based promoter, Becker responsible for John Kasadha a.k.a John Blaq’s 10-year ban in the USA has spoken out on what transpired.

Becker says he talked to John Blaq when he had gone for UNNA and booked him when he had returned in Kampala in August 2019.

It is said that John Blaq asked for $1500 and the promoters worked on his paper work, securing him a two-year visa.

Becker had booked halls in Washington DC, Texas and Boston paying $2500 each.

When time reached, John Blaq told the promoter he wanted more money citing reasons that others were offering him $2500. He told the promoter that if he cannot add him dime, he should first wait and finish his other shows.

This angered the guy who had worked tooth and nail to secure him a visa. John Blaq’ had secured a visiting visa.

John Blaq performing

After pleading with him to fly and perform as agreed in vain, the promoter had to approach the American embassy.

On Monday, the promoter called the embassy and John Blaq’s visa was cancelled and banned for 10 years.

He says he did that to discipline him.