Producer Paddy Man Reveals Why He Bitterly Fell Out With Bebe Cool | VIDEO

December 6, 2020
Paddy Man

Paddy Man

Celebrated music producer, Paddy Kayiwa Mukasa aka Paddy Man has finally revealed why he fell out with Bebe Cool.

Paddy Man, the producer behind Valu Valu (Jose Chameleone), Kiwani (Bobi Wine), Birowoozo (Iryn Namubiru), Wanimba (Eddy Kenzo) among others said Bebe Cool is a born hater.

While in an interview with Selector, Paddy Man revealed that he fell out with Bebe Cool because he never wanted him to work with any other artiste.

Jose Chameleone with Paddy Man

Paddy Man said that in 2010 after he had finished recording ‘Agenze’ and ‘Trouble’ for Bebe Cool, Radio and Weasel came to his studios.

After being told that Radio and Weasel were at studios, Bebe Cool called Paddy Man and told him not to work with them.

“Gwe Paddy mwana bwoba onokola nange ate sagala obe nga okola no’bwo bu cartoon and baboon, I said what? namugamga gwe guy, nagamba wuliliza ate silika (Paddy Man if you want to work with me, don’t work with cartoon and Baboon, and i said what?, he told me listen and shut up”, Paddy Man on a phone cal he received from Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool

To Paddy Man, that shocked him and stopped working with Bebe Cool.

It should be remembered that Bebe Cool started beefing Radio and Weasel the day they left Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island.

Watch video below: