Producer Didi Reveals Why He Needs Financial Support Days After Revealing His HIV Status

June 11, 2024

Music producer Didi has revealed reasons why he needs financial support days after announcing to the public that he is HIV status.

He said people need to understand that he has been in and out of the hospital and during those hospital visits he sprntso much money.

Witth his HIV status, he said he needs so much care, good food and all that needs money. That is why he needs support to keep living a good lofe.

“I need financial support because I have been spending a lot on my medical care,”- Producer Didi.

According to Producer Didi, he didn’t actually know that he was HIV positive. He said he went for check up after struggling with ulcers and high blood pressure.

He said people need to know that whatever is done usually come to light and everything will be exposed at some point.

“Everything you do will always be exposed. I have been having ulcers and high blood pressure, and two weeks ago, I called Emma Carlos thinking it was the same issue. We did a check-up, and my doctor asked me about my status. I told him I was negative, but he asked me if I knew how the results could change. That’s how I found out I was positive,” Producer Didi.