Produce Another Child, Sheilah Is A Loss – Jenkins Mukasa Tells Frank Gashumba

May 6, 2020

Outspoken political analyst, Frank Gashumba on Saturday attacked Dembe FM ‘Talk and Talk’ co-hosts, Jenkins Mukasa and Eddie Ssendi branding them hippopotamus and sim card after they blasted her daughter, Sheilah Gashumba over peanuts pay comments.

Sheilah took to Twitter and revealed the reason she eft NTV is because they were paying her 50k per show while on NTV ‘The Beat’ and 100k on NTV ‘Style Project’.

While appearing on ‘Talk and Talk’ show, Eddie Ssendi described Sheilah as pencil-thin and asked her to use her brain not heart while Jenkins asked her to stop acting childish and grow up. They also branded her greedy and lazy.

R-L: Eddie Ssendi, Kasuku and Jenkins Mukasa

After hearing the romours, Gashumba went bare knuckles and branded Eddie Ssendi a sim card before calling Jenkins a hippo. He also labelled them old animals that are jealous of her daughter’s achievements.

In response, Jenkins has advised  Frank Gashumba to give birth to another child because Sheilah Gashumba is a brat, she can’t be changed at the moment.

Jenkins made the comments during an interview with Spark TV.

Sheilah and her dad Frank Gashumba