Princess Victoria Nkinzi Sets Date To Introduce Gareth Onyango To Buganda Kingdom

February 23, 2020

Princess Victoria Nkinzi will introduce fiancee, Gareth Onyango to Buganda Kingdom in a colorful ceremony in October this year!

Onyango who separated with longtime partner and baby mama, Nickita Evas Bachu in March 2018, proposed to Princess Nkinzi in November 2019 while on holiday in Thailand.

Last week, Gareth Onyango and Victoria Nkinzi redid their proposal with a photoshoot, confirming to us that a royal wedding is indeed upon us.

Gareth and Princess Nkinzi showing off their engagement ring

Introduction in Buganda literally means kwanjula!

Princess Victoria Nkinzi is a daughter to the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.