Will He Ever Have A Serious Relationship? Geosteady Still Stuck With Ex Baby Mama Prima Kardashi

June 28, 2024

Singer George Hassan Kigozi also known as Geosteady is still stuck with his ex wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi.

Fans are wondering if he will ever have a serious relationship outside his failed one with Prima.

The two were married for more than eight years and throughout those years they welcomed two children together.

At the beginning of the the divorce the singer was denied access to the children because he wasn’t taking full responsibility for them.

They worked through everything together and managed to get on good terms of co parenting and raising their children.

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With that on the line, both Geosteady and Prima Kardashi got rid of their relationships and they are now living their best life as single people and focusing on their kids.

According to the singer, he is okay with getting stuck with baby mama as long as the children are doing so well.

“It is so funny but I am okay with being stuck with Prima Kardashi. She is my baby mama and we are working so hard on raising our children and providing them with whatever they want.” Geosteady said