Premier League allowed june return by uk government

May 11, 2020

The British government have given the Premier League the OK to return to action from 1 June.

Football across the UK has been halted for the last two months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Premier League clubs remain committed to finishing the 2019/20 season whenever it is safe to do so.

Which, according to the government, could be soon.

The latest government update as the country looks to slowly leave ‘lockdown’ allows sporting events to take place behind closed doors.

According to reports last week, clubs are hoping to get going again in mid-June. All 20 Premier League clubs held another online meeting on Monday, with the agenda including the possibility of using neutral venues and how to proceed with relegation.

Any effort to bring football back will have to be receive final approval from the government, which will ensure the Premier League plans meet a number of safety requirements.

The German Bundesliga is set to be the first major European league to get going, with games scheduled for this weekend.

The Premier League will be watching closely to see if the Bundesliga’s plans are a success. However, the UK has been much worse hit by the coronavirus pandemic than Germany, which could cause some additional complications.