Police Arrests Fr Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga For Defying President Museveni Directive

March 29, 2020

Police in Mpigi has arrested Fr Deogratius Kiibi Kateregga, the parish priest for St Joseph’s Catholic Parish in Mpigi Town Council for defying President Museveni’s directive against holding religious gatherings.

On Sunday morning ,the catholic priest was found celebrating mass at Joseph’s Catholic Parish Church before he was arrested.

Mpigi District Police Commander, Herbert Nuwagaba confirmed Fr.Kiibi’s arrest together with several other church members.

The group is currently detained at Mpigi Police Station.

President Museveni last week banned any political, social, cultural and any other gatherings so as to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

“It is wise that we temporary remove these concentration points to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All these institutions, without exception should close so that we deny this virus high concentration. We don’t want the virus to find dry grass ready for ignition,”Museveni said.

He explained that it is in the interest of the citizens’ health that they avoid gatherings which would be a fertile ground for the coronavirus to spread.

Despite warning by the president and Ministry of Health to avoid gatherings so as to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus, some members of the public have not heeded to the same.

However, police and the army have arrested a number of pastors and school heads who have refused to heed to the directives by the president.

The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga last week said the UPDF and Police had formed a joint security task force to help enforce Museveni’s directives.