Pia Pounds Seriously Starving, Begs Government To Rescue Her With Posho

April 23, 2020

Singer, Tracy Kirabo is also feeling the pinch of Coronavirus lockdown and she is starving.

Since president Museveni announced the lockdown, many Ugandans have been starving and appealed to the government and well wishers to rescue them with food.

And the rescue efforts is underway but targeting the so called ‘less privileged’.

The entertainment industry has also been hit hard by the lockdown since most artistes and Deejays depend on the gigs to survive.

Deejay Nimrod appealed to artistes to support the Deejays and his efforts are paying off.

However, some artistes like Pia Pounds, Kabata, MC Kapale and many others are also doing badly and are asking for government to rescue them with food.

“I also need Government posho. Who wouldn’t want it? We are starving,” Pia said during an interview.

A few days ago, Elly Kayanja bailed out starving musicians by donating 350 Kgs of posho to Uganda Musicians Association.