Pia Pounds narrates how Rema’s fans attacked her physically claiming she dates Eddy Kenzo

April 24, 2023

Songstress Pia Pounds real name Tracy Kirabo has narrated a horrific story of how Rema Namakula’s fans attacked her physically claiming she is in love with Eddy Kenzo.

This happened in 2018 when Eddy Kenzo has just signed her under his record label Big Talent.

She said it was supposed to be the best time of her life but it became the worst because of what the media was painting her image before she even started her career.

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According to Pia Pounds, people didn’t even listen to her talent or what she sounded like. They quickly judged her by words that are not true.

She said she received threatening messaged both on WhatsApp and Facebook from different people she didn’t know saying they will beat her.

Pia Pounds said she was intimidated and the only thing she would do at that time is leave Big Talent and do her personal things.

According to Pia Pounds, sometimes she remained in doors for months fearing to move out and get attacked. That led to depression and stress bit later paid off with her hit song Tupaate.

“The rumor that was going on between me and Eddy Kenzo made very insecure. It led to my depression I stayed in doors for months. I remember once I moved out going to perform at a certain club and I was attacked physically by people I didn’t know talking about Rema,” Pia Pounds.

She made this Statement during an interview with Galaxy TV.