Photos; Producer Didi’s Shows Off His Skin Body After HIV Diagnosis, Seeks For More Financial Help

July 3, 2024

Ugandan music producer Didi has showed off his skin body after he announced that he was diagnosed with HIV.

He is seeking for more financial help saying his body needs to eat well as he is using some of the strongest medicines.

Producer Didi rose to fame in 2013 and during that time he had more hit songs and was hanging around different celebrities. He enjoyed his life to the fullest adding that he was among best producers.

Producer Didi Reveals Why He Needs Financial Support Days After Revealing His HIV Status

After some time he disappeared and people didn’t even care to ask about his whereabouts and what he was doing in his life.

Early this year he came out saying he was sick. He claimed that he was struggling with ulcers which stopped him from drinking alcohol and eating certain types of foods.

Producer Didi cried out to artistes that he used to work with but a few helped him with the few money that they had.

He later went for another check up which showed that he was HIV positive and he was to start the medication as soon as he could.

At the moment, Producer Didi hasn’t got all the support and he has resulted to posting his photos that show how much weight he has lost and how he actually looks.