PHOTOS: Celebrities flock at the burial of Humphrey Mayanja

April 3, 2024

So many celebrities have showed up to send off the late Humphrey Mayanja a brother to the Mayanja famous brothers.

He wasn’t actively involved in the music industry but he was somehow involved and known by other people.

When Will Humphrey Mayanja Be Burried? Here Is The Full Burial Program

Humphrey was Jose Chameleone’s first manager in his music career but he later moved to Boston to start new life.

He returned to the country after being diagnosed with cancer but still people loved him and they used to go check on him.

Even on his death, different celebrities that used to work with him have showed up to send him off and support him too.

Humphrey Mayanja’s burial is taking place today and here are the photos of celebrities that have showed up to send him off.