Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s New Bae, Susan Makula Blasts Pro Teddy Naluswa’s Fans, Brands Them Sadists

April 13, 2020

Yesterday, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s mistress, Susan Makula was forced to delete all pictures from her Instagram account after pro Teddy Naluswa (Bugingo’s former wife) started hurling all sorts of abuses at her. Pr. Bugingo officially dumped Teddy in May 2019 and moved in with Susan Makula which shocked Ugandans. Bugingo and Teddy had spend 21 years in marriage.

Pr Bugingo with former wife, Teddy preaching the word of God

Since officially declaring Susan as his fiancee, Bugingo has been going places with her and the pair look so happy with Susan posting picture after picture.

But she angered the pro Teddy fans when she posted a picture with Bugingo dancing and captioned it “Laba ebinyiza. banage let me concentrate more on my love”

This angered pro Teddy fans who started accusing her of being a man snatcher and started hurling insults at her in comments. In move to cease fire, she was forced to delete all her pictures from Instagram.

However, this did not stop the pro Teddy fans from storming her inbox and continued attacking her.

As a human being she also got angry , started verbal exchange and posted what she called ‘haters notice’.

“I feel sorry for all those who follow me or search for me 2 abuse. Dears you are going to get more sad n for the rest of your lives coz i only post my happiness. I pray u one day get some kind of happiness am enjoying”, Susan posted on her Instagram page.

Check the exchange and abuses between Susan and pro Teddy fans below: