Pallaso’s mother defends his actions against Alien Skin

June 14, 2023

Singer Pallaso real name Pius Mayanja’s mother Prossy Mayanja has defended him against a fellow singer Alien Skin.

She said her son Pallaso is very peaceful, there is no way he got up to slap Alien Skin without being provoked to the core.

The fight between Alien Skin and Pallaso happened last month. It made headlines in the media because Alien Skin is also a violent person but on this matter he was silent.

Pallaso beat him up but he didn’t fight back. He claimed Pallaso had more security people and he feared for his life.

He just punished him by staging a concert on the same date something that didn’t sit well with Pallaso’s Mother.

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According to Prossy Mayanja, Alien Skin is not an easy person because for the few months he has been in the music industry, he has fought so many times.

Pallaso beating him was not out of the blue although people don’t want to look into it. She said there must have been a very big reason for it.

“I don’t think Pallaso just beat up Alien Skin because in my children Pallaso is very humble and peaceful. I think he was provoked to the core because I asked him why he fought bit he also couldn’t control his anger,” Prossy Mayanja said

It should be remembered that Mayanja brothers Pallaso, Weasel and Jose Chameleon have been involved in different fights throughout their careers.