NUP Ditch Earless Lumbuye, Endorses Yekolera

December 27, 2022
NUP General Secretary, Lewis Lubongoya with Yekolera (R)

NUP General Secretary, Lewis Lubongoya with Yekolera (R)

National Unity Platform (NUP) has ditched Turkey-based toxic blogger, Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi and endorsed Yekolera Itongwa.

For some good years, NUP were banking on Lumbuye especially towards the 2021 general elections.

After faking his arrest and pocketing $70,000, some of the NUP fanatics started doubting him, falling out with some big shots in the process.

Since that saga, the NUP hierarchy started distancing themselves from him. At one point Bobi Wine revealed that he has no control over him during an interview with BBS Terefayina.

Recently, he has been on and off. Critics too, exposed him for giving false news.

Realising that Lumbuye was on decline, Yekolera positioned himself as a government critic and won himself attention from NUP top bosses.

Yekolera with Bobi Wine

In the past months, Bobi Wine took to Facebook and asked Yekolera to spread his word.

Bobi Wine message to Yekolera

Yesterday, NUP general secretary, Lewis Rubongoya posted a photo of himself with Yekolera and wished him a birthday. He labeled him bold, courageous, outspoken and committed.

Bold. Courageous. Outspoken. Committed. A very happy birthday to you my brother Yekolera. I am aware of the heavy price you have had to pay for doing what you do, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Mukama akukuume, akuwe obulamu, osobole okulaba ku nsi eno nga eteredde.


Observers say, NUP has officially passed the baton from Lumbuye to Yekolera Itongwa.