NRM Bloggers; Ashburg Katto, Full Figure, Bajjo, Isma Olaxess’ Facebook Pages Hacked, Deleted

January 9, 2021

L-R: Ashburg Katto, Isma Olaxess and Bajjo

NRM bloggers; Ashburg Katto, Jennifer Fullfiger, Bajjo and Isma Olaxess are still in total confusion after losing their Facebook pages in one night.

The bloggers woke up only to find their pages hacked and deleted.

Recently, Ashburg Katto was bragging to bring NUP bloggers down on their knees after Peng Peng, Kakensa, Map Media lost their pages.

Jennifer Full Figure

This looks like a retaliation but we are yet to unmask the mastermind behind this.

As the county gear up to January 14th presidential elections, the opposition and the ruling government are working tooth and nail to persuade the voters elect them.

We are yet to hear from Ashburg Katto, Jennifer Fullfiger, Bajjo and Isma Olaxess but this is a big blow because growing pages is not an easy task these days.

Ashburg Katto, Jennifer Fullfiger and Bajjo betrayed Bobi Wine and crossed to NRM.