NBS UnCut’s, Zahara Totto Abuses And Vows To Deal With Record TV’s Luzze Anderson In X-rated Messages

April 30, 2020

NBS TV UnCut co-host, Zahara Totto took matters in her hands, abused and vowed to deal with Record TV’s Luzze Anderson.

This comes after Luzze sent Zahara Totto a message asking her for an interview.

An angry Totto who accuse Luzze of attacking her family and exposing her kids, started hurling all sorts of dirty abuses and told him that she will never forgive him.

Luzze  tried to apologise and explain that he meant no harm but a fed up Totto continued with x-rated abuses and told him he should never come close to her.

Luzze and Totto worked together at defunct WBS TV.

Luzze and Zahara Totto during WBS TV days

Read x-rated messages below: