Naira Ali Returns With New Song, ‘Your Body’ | WATCH VIDEO | DOWNLOAD FREE AUDIO

August 15, 2020

Singer, Nabattu Naira aka Naira Ali is back on the music scene with a new song titled ‘Your Body’.

Naira who was doing tailoring besides her music career found a safe haven in the US where she had gone in August 2019 as part of the performers at the UNAA Convention.

While the other artistes made their way back, Naira stayed.

Naira Ali chilling in Beverly Hills, US

Click on the link to download free ‘Your Body’ audio:

We are told she landed a formal job and after settling in the Trump land she is back to her music career.

‘Your Body’ was produced by Nessim Pan Production and the video was shot in the US US by JV Ortiz.

Watch it below: