Minister Amelia Kyambadde Rebukes Security Personnel on Misinterpreting President Museveni’s Directive

March 26, 2020

The minister for trade and industry Amelia Kyambadde has warned security personnel to desist from beating people in the event of enforcing the presidential directives.

President Museveni yesterday directed that markets will close with the exception of those selling strictly foodstuffs.

Also banned are public transport means like Boda Bodas, commuter taxis, Omni busses, buses, and tuk-tuks.

Following the directive, the security personnel was deployed in the city to disperse people downtown with sticks.

Many have been beaten in the event of dispersing them, the reason for Kyambadde’s concern.

“Enforcement teams e.g. LDUs, Police should refrain from beating people. Please explain to them through the community radio towers in the local language,” she said.

Kuyambadde also discouraged the harassment of foreign and national business persons over coronavirus.

“Harassment of foreign business persons merely on account of suspicion that they are COVID-19 positive because they come from a high-risk country must stop forthwith. The law Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) enforcement organs, particularly the Uganda Police Force, are asked to ensure that no such harassment takes place,” she said.

“Any suspicious cases, whether foreigners or local, should voluntarily report to the Ministry of Health or be reported to the Ministry of Health for professional management. In any case, returning foreigners and nationals are being placed under quarantine in line with medical recommendations. This is for the good of both the suspected patient and the general public,” she added.

The minister also clarified that some directives by the president were misunderstood, clarifying the same.

“Distribution channels of foods and beverages be allowed to continue operating so long as people do not converge – Shops which are not within food markets should not be closed. Except for lock-ups – Depots/ stockiest stores and distribution chains of alcohol remain operational – Salons, operational under guidelines – Vehicles intercepted with several passengers should be given a pass by the enforcement officers to return to the point of origin. They should not disembark from the point of interception to avoid mixing with the communities therein.”