MC Kapale Reveals Why Kerekere Turned Gay, Gives Him Advise – WATCH VIDEO

February 8, 2020

As Ugandans still shocked by Afande Kerekere’s gay revelations, fellow comedian, MC Kapale has revealed shocking information about him.

While appearing on BBS TV interview, Kapale says he was always cautious about Kerekere’s behaviour claiming he was behaving like a woman.

Afande Kerekere with gay fellow holding glasses with gay colors

Kapale says Kerekere likes money and he could have joined gays in order to secure  the UK citizenship.

He says Kerekere is too old for pampers and advised him to come back home.

“If the TV job wasn’t paying well, let him come back home and organise a big concert and start a business, at Kerekere’s age, pampers are not easy. I escaped those guys in Chicago”, MC Kapale told BBS TV.

Watch video of MC Kapale below: