MC Chumi Chewed Beyond Repair | VIDEO

May 2, 2024
MC Chumi

MC Chumi

TikTok content creator, MC Chumi is trending after she decided to bless netizens with a thrilling video being eaten beyond repair.

Since Ugandans embraced TikTok, the TikTokers have been dropping bangers in bid to gain numbers and popularity; the likes of Dr. Cephco, Nakankaka among others had their videos leak.

Chumi who dresses like a Tom Boy and some netizens refer to her as Uncle Chumi, at one time found herself in hot waters after she claimed Full Figure was her mum.

MC Chumi

Together with Yiga Sharif, they had made themselves a name in attacking and abusing netizens, until they were warned.

As the traders are battling with EFLIS, a video of Chumi being harvested into pieces made rounds on the internet to cool the tax heat.


We are yet to know who leaked the video of Uncle Chumi but some critics claim, she released it to promote her upcoming show.

As we speak, MC Chumi is nowhere to be seen. Sources say she is in hiding.