Martha Kay speaks about her struggle with weight loss

May 22, 2023

Next radio presenter Martha Kay has opened up about her weight loss struggles a day towards her birthday.

Every birthday, Martha Kay always gives her fans new photos specifically from a birthday photoshoot.

But this birthday it looks like the situation is different. No birthday photos because Martha Kay has been struggling health wise. She has added so much weight and doesn’t feel herself anymore.

According to Martha Kay, even the photos of her we see, she is forced to take them. He weight has made her lose confidence.

According to Martha Kay, her fans shouldn’t worry, she is trying to eat well and she hopes all will be well soon.

“Vulnerable post alert 🚨
Tomorrow is my birthday. A day I am normally super excited about. A day I plan for well in advance. A day I do a photoshoot with @imani_makeup_studio @kais_divo_collection and all the dope photographers in town. This year is different because I have been unwell for the past 4-6 months. It’s not just that I’ve been unwell and missing a lot of moments with my friends but the medication I’m on has made me gain sooo much weight that I am so insecure about my body.
I’ve always been chubby but this time it’s something else. I don’t even want to take pics unless my mum Forces it. (She’s behind all these shots) I know I should love my body regardless but sometimes it’s really hard. Especially when it’s hormonal. So, no photoshoot this year… mostly because I don’t want to remember this part of my life!
I’m excited about tomorrow though… it’s a new beginning! I am eating healthier, working out, making time for myself and that which I love, I am ensuring the people that I interact with are good people. My people.
I am reinventing myself, refocusing, repurposing, recreating, restoring that which I lost. I am excited.
It’s a revival!
This is 28!❤️,” Martha Kay posted