Maggie Kayima AKA Nabbi Omukazi Reveals Why She Broke Up With Her Ex-Lover, The Late Pastor Augustine Yiga

October 27, 2020

Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi, the former singer in Revival Band has broken silence on why she broke up with her former lover, the late Pastor, Augustine Yiga.

During an interview with Kasuku, Nabbi Omukazi says met in Yiga in 2008 and ushered her in Revival band.

Maggie says Yiga was her best friend, they became so close and started dating.

She revealed that at some point Yiga went to South Africa and became too sick. When he returned, she forced him to take an HIV test.

After receiving the results, Yiga was positive and was negative but the controversial pastor pleaded with her to leave him.

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In bid to find her way out of Yiga’s life, she deceived that she was seeing another man. To confirm, Yiga who knew her phone’s pattern, read her messages and they parted ways.

Maggie revealed that Yiga’s sickness stems from South Africa. She claims, Yiga was defrauded a lot of money in South Africa because he wanted to set up another ABS TV there.

Trying to recover his dime, they threatened to kill him and almost lost his life.

She also disclosed that she got Yiga a teacher who taught him from home and sat PLE (Primary Seven exams).

Maggie says Yiga told her that he in case he dies, he should be buried at his Christian Revival Church in Kawaala.

Listen to audio below: