Angel Exposes Lwasa’s Bedroom Secrets, Narrated How He Slept With Another Woman In Her Presence

July 3, 2024

Ex tycoon and business man Lwasa Emmanuel has left fans more surprised after his ex Angel exposed him one more time.

She talked about his bedroom behaviour and how he brought another lady to their matrimonial bed in her presence.

Lwasa married Angel immediately after he broke up with his long time girlfriend BBS television presenter Diana Nabatanzi. He was hurt with how their relationship had ended.

As a way of healing he decided to marry another woman but instead of loving her he started hurting him more and more.

From the day they got married, they immediately started having issues about their relationship. Lwasa was busy hanging out with other ladies and Angel was also seeing other men.

Lwasa Bedridden Over Accumulated Loans

It became worse when one of the business man’s side chics decided to release one of the videos of them having fun in bed. It left Angel heartbroken but still she didn’t leave.

She said she left when she was pregnant and that is when another lady was brought to their bed. She didn’t have any other thing to do apart from going to live her life.

“I don’t know if Lwasa will ever admit but he knows why I left while pregnant. He brought another lady in our bed, they did whatever they wanted as I was watching. He knows I can’t lie and that is why I will never forgive him. I know the lady but I will not mention her name anywhere,”