LUST? Bruno K Forgets Faridah Nakazibwe, Showers Lydia Jazmine With Lovey-Dovey Words

April 6, 2020

Singer Bruno Kiggundu now lusts for fellow singer, Lydia Jazmine after over 4 months praising Faridah Nakazibwe.

Lydia ‘Jazmine’ Nabawanuka is without a doubt one of the most sexy female artistes in Uganda, and every functioning male that looks at her body wishes to have her naked in bed and Bruno K is among.

Rumours have been circulating that Bruno K is involved in a romantic affair with NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe something that he has often refuted.

He reached the extent of even composing a song for the NTV news anchor titled ‘Faridah’, something which stirred the rumors even more.

As we speak, Bruno K seems to have outgrown his lust for Faridah Nakazibwe and now sets his sights on Lydia Jazmine.

Bruno K posted a video of Lydia Jazmine miming his ‘Faridah’ song and captioned, “I think Lydia Jazmine is the hottest female artist”.

His confession has triggered rumours that Bruno K could be trying to make his way into Jazmine’s ‘Thighland’.

Watch video below: