Lonely Ykee Benda Miserably Fails To Nail NTV’s Lynda Ddane And Martha Kay, Moves For NBS TV’s Sheilah Nduhukire

April 13, 2020

In January 2018, singer and Mpaka Records CEO, Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda separated with his fiancee, Julie Batenga after 9 months in relationship.

Ykee Benda had proposed and even visited Julie’s parents but the cause of separation is still unknown.

Ykee Benda proposing to ex-fiancee, Julie Batenga

Since then, he has been struggling to replace her.  Publicly he has been crushing on several babes; firstly he went public and declared his lust for struggling comedian, Martha Kay and lately NTV the Beat Co-host, Lynda Ddane.

Lynda Ddane


Martha Kay

But efforts to take them to bed have proved futile and now has shifted his lust to NBS TV news reader, Sheilah Nduhukire.

As his usual practice, Ykee Benda posted a photo of Sheilah Nduhukire and posted “Thank you NBS Television. I can’t thank you enough…. Thank you again”

From Ykee Benda’s tactics, we can reliably say he is in for her but we are not sure if his techniques of publicly declaring his lust for babes will work, because he has not nailed any.