Lonely And Starving Ykee Benda Publicly Asks NBS TV’s Sheilah Nduhukire To Marry Him – WATCH VIDEO

June 26, 2020

In January 2018, singer and Mpaka Records CEO, Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda separated with his fiancee, Julie Batenga after 9 months in relationship.

Ykee Benda had proposed and even visited Julie’s parents but the cause of separation is still unknown. By the time of separation, the pair had a baby boy, Dante.

Ykee Benda with son, Dante


Ykee Benda proposing to ex-fiancee, Julie Batenga

In April this year, rumours started spreading that ‘farmer’ singer had swallowed his pride, apologised and re-united with baby mama but it’s not true.

Ykee first had a crush on Martha Kay but failed to succeed. He later started switched to NBS TV news anchor Sheilah Nduhukire.




At first, many though he was joking but the guy is really serious and wants to swim in Sheilah’s ‘thighland’.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut show, he has made clear his intentions to Sheila Nduhukire whom he insists is his dream wife.

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Ykee Benda and Sheilah Nduhukire

Benda claims that he has for quite some time harbored feelings for the Live at 9 news anchor, and he has told her of the same.

“I have watched her on TV for some time, I am single myself and I am sure she is the kind of person I want. I need to meet her parents and lay my intentions bear,” Benda claimed.



The singer claimed he has already told Nduhukire of the same and she is aware.

“She knows it, we can do this,” he claimed.

Benda, a first-class chemical engineering degree holder first confessed his attraction to Nduhukire on Twitter in April.

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“23rd April an angel was given to us…She grew into a graceful confident woman of character…what a time to be alive…allow me wish my everyday crush a happy birthday…The sunshine,” Ykee Benda tweeted and immediately replaced his profile picture with that of Sheila.
Following his confessions, Benda was advised by fellow singer Alexander Bagonza alias Apass alias Apass to divert his energies elsewhere because his quest for Sheila would ‘end in tears’.

Meanwhile, Nduhukire has remained silent with no single response to Ykee Benda’s proclamations.