Lil Pazzo Begs For Irene Ntale’s Love, Says She Is Everything He Wants In A Woman

June 21, 2024

Trending singer Lil Pazzo has begged for romantic love from fellow singer Irene Ntale saying that she is everything he has always wanted in a woman.

Lil Pazzo is a married man and has children. But as an Islam man he is allowed go marry up to five women if he wants to.

In his recent interview, Lil Pazzo said he has admired a fellow musician who he has met on multiple occasions but he never told her that he admires her.

According to the singer, Irene Ntale is one of the most beautiful ladies in the industry. He said that she is very respectful and she is a wife material to him.

If given a chance, Lil Pazzo said he can’t take it for granted, he is willing to marry her and love her forever.

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“I have loved Irene Ntale for some time but I never told her about it. She is one of the most beautiful ladies that I know and I am willing to marry her if she accepts. It is hard to find ladies like her in the industry,”

It should be noted that Irene Ntale is not a married and doesn’t even have a child. She has spoken about marriage in the media but hasn’t attended any.