Lil Pazzo Despises Hon Lutaaya’s English, Says It’s Limited

June 18, 2024

Singer Lil Pazzo Lunabe has despised Hon Member of parliament and fellow singer Geoffrey Lutaaya’s English.

He said that his English is very limited and he does understand why most of his songs just involve a few words in English.

Geoffrey Lutaaya finished his education few years ago. He had joined music without completing his education. But he had dreams of being a politician but there is no way he was going to do that without higher education.

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He went for adult education that he completed and was ready to contest as a member of parliament.

Despite going through adult education, Geoffrey Lutaaya’s spoken English didn’t improve at all.

Lil Pazzo said if Ugandan musicians didn’t have a spoken of Geoffrey Lutaaya, the industry would be further than the Nigerian industry.

“Do you know why the Ugandan music industry is very down, listen to Geoffrey Lutaaya’s music the English is very poor, limited. We should all agree our English is very poor,”