Lawyers Demand Apology And 500m in 15 Days From Nadia Rania For Defaming Daddy Andre

March 26, 2020

Ojambo Andrew aka Daddy Andre through his lawyers, Mukwatanise & Co. Advocates have served upcoming female artiste, Nadia Rania notice of intention to sue over defamation.

The letter says that Nadia on March 24th she uttered defamatory statements on Spark TV against Daddy Andre with an intention to lower his reputation.

“Daddy Andre was making sexual advances towards you”, Letter reads.

“Daddy Andre added his voice into your song without instructions which portrays our client as dishonest and unfit in the production business. You said you purchased clothes for him to shoot video, falsely portraying our client as a pauper”, part of the letter reads.

The lawyers demand that Nadia issues public apology retracting slanderous statements she made towards Daddy Andre and also pay 500m for damaging their client’s image.

They also demand 20m as legal fees.

Nadia has been given 15 days to pay the money or face courts of law.

Read the intention to sue letter below: