Kizza Besigye Stings ‘Greedy’ MPs Over 10Bn Coronavirus Cash

April 16, 2020

People’s Government leader, Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye has condemned parliament’s decision to deduct 10bn from government agencies and give it to its Mps to fight Coronavirus.

On Tuesday parliament allocated 10bn from the Covid -19 supplementary budget to facilitate Mps in the committee established by the house to join national activities in fight against the pandemic.

5bn was deducted from Ministry of Health’s supplementary 10bn allocation and 5bn from other sectors.

According to Besigye this is wrong and insisted that this must stop.

“Surely, what’s wrong with Uganda’s leaders? Everywhere in the world, leaders are donating their earnings to help the COVID19 fight. Uganda’s leaders see an opportunity to increase their “benefits”! MPs getting more than $5,000- each to help them fight Covid19!
Stop this habit.”, Besigye posted on Facebook.

Speaker Kadaga explains the 10Bn cash:

Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaga says the money was part of the 304bn supplementary budget passed by Parliament.She added that parliament has released its buses and ambulance for use in the COVID19 fight.
Individual MPs also released their ambulance to bolster the district task force in the COVID19 fight so part of the shs.10b will be used to maintain the ambulances donated by MPs and provide fuel and allowances for the drivers.