KIWEDDE! Susan Makula Officially Introduces Pr Bugingo, Leaving Teddy Praying To God | PHOTOS

December 7, 2021
Susan Makula and pastor Aloysius Bugingo at their introduction ceremony

Susan Makula and pastor Aloysius Bugingo at their introduction ceremony

History has been written in Uganda after Susan Makula officially introduced Pastor Aloysius Bugingo in colorful ‘Kwanjula’ ceremony with the latter not officially divorced.

The ceremony was attended by celebrities and dignitaries; Bebe Cool and Zuena, Frank Gashumba, Kasuku, Ibrah K Mukasa, Kato Lubwama among many others.

Gashumba and Kato Lubwama escorted pastor Bugingo to the introduction ceremony

When Bugingo separated with Teddy Naluswa whom he had married for 21 years and have children together, he filed for divorce. This was after he was exposed for eating his Salt Media employee, Susan Makula.

Before officially divorcing the pair, the court offered Bugingo and Teddy an option of mediation but the House Of Prayer Ministries pastor turned it down.

With no option left, High court Family Division set the divorce hearing on January 25th, 2022.

But this frustrated Bugingo’s plans who wanted to legalise his relationship with Makula. He ignored court proceedings and officially visited Makula’s parents in ‘Kukyala’ ceremony on Friday, November 26th.

Immediately after the ‘Kukyala’, the pair issued invitation cards for their traditional marriage ‘Kwanjula’ that took place today in undisclosed location along Entebbe Road.

Susan introduced Pr Bugingo today

Bugingo as a senior pastor has been criticised for going against the word of God by marrying a second wife.

But he found himself with no option after Teddy Naluswa went public and declared that she will never give him divorce.

Susan Makula greeting Bugingo at the introduction ceremony

Now that the introduction ceremony is done, Bugingo and Susan Makula are traditionally married and can officially live as husband and wife.

Check more photos from the introduction ceremony below:

Susan Makula and Bugingo

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