King Michael Harvests Potatoes To Clear Debts After NRM Snub – SEE PICS

February 7, 2020

Self proclaimed King of Dance Hall, Michael Mugwanya a.k.a King Michael is harvesting potatoes he planted in Luwero to clear debts.

King Michael staged ‘The Best Of King Michael’ concert at Freedom City in August 2019 and flopped.

The ‘Muko Muko’ hitmaker was seen shading tears as he stepped on stage only to be welcomed by empty seats. The NRM big fish he had invite to the concert also didn’t show up.

The flopped concert left King Michael in big losses. He had borrowed money from the money lenders and staked his house and car as security.

In bid to recover from debts, Michael pleaded for help from the president who offered him 30 cows through promoter Balaam.

After receiving the cows (30m), King Michael insisted the money was not enough and wanted to meet the president again but accused Balaam of blocking his move.

In retaiation, King Michael held a press conference and started praising People Power supremo which angered Balaam and vowed he will never give him gigs to perform at NRM events.

This was evident when he missed out on 33-artistes list that attended the NRN delegates conference at Namboole.

Since the snub, King Michael has been quiet until today when she shared pictures harvesting potatoes in Luwero.

A close source intimated to us that he parked 10 bags and took them to the market.

We wish you luck King Michael.

Check pictures of King Michael harvesting potatoes below: