Kenyan Man Who Filmed Himself Bonking His Cousin Live Released – WATCH THE 5D VIDEO

February 20, 2020

The man at the centre of a sex videotape that has gone viral has been released from police custody. Police had sought to continue detaining Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga so as to a certain age of the girl. According to the detectives investigating the matter, Ayoyi was released after the girl’s birth certificate was produced by her mother at Kericho Police station.

The girl filmed in the sex video was born in August 1997 as indicated in the birth certificate. The families of the girl and Ayoyi also revealed that the two were long distance cousins and so they did not commit incest. But police are still looking for the girl to record her statement, as they continue with forensic analysis of the video, so as to get more details on the date when the video was recorded.

Ayoyi had told the police that the video was recorded in 2017 at his house in Nairobi and the girl who was then 20 years old, consented.Police also want to establish who shared the video online and the motive.