KAWEDEMU! Don Zella Trashes MC Richie, Spills All Dirty Secrets

January 16, 2022
Don Zella and MC Richie

Don Zella and MC Richie

Socialite, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella has trashed Denmark-based blogger, MC Richie aka Baby Ferrari, spilling all his dirty secrets.

Following over 10 years without stepping in Uganda, MC Richie finally came last December. While in Uganda, MC Richie was in company of Tamale Mirundi Jr.

When Richie returned to Denmark, Mirundi Jr revealed that he was too broke and had to resort to Sipapa, SK Mbuga and Juliet Zawedde to survive.

Mirundi Jr also told Kasuku that he lent Richie 500k and failed to pay. And the plot of land he showed in the video belongs to Don Zella.

Richie responded and said Mirundi Jr wanted to bewitch him and wears backcloth underwear. This fueled war which brought in Full Figure who attacked and abused Mirundi Jnr, Don Zella to pieces.

Mirundi Jr alleged that Juliet Zawedde paid Full Figure to attack them.

Juliet Zawedde

This forced Don Zella to intervene. During Facebook live, MC Richie who had invited Don Zella, turned against her and said she has always been jealous of Zawedde.

In a chat with Mirundi Jr, Don Zella trashed Richie and revealed that he had no money and begged her to save him during his stay in Uganda.

She confirmed that the plot he showed off belongs to her. He had no money and had to save him by paying off all his bills and even gave him a car he used to traverse Kampala.

Don Zella landed Richie in trouble by revealing he told her and Mirundi Jr that he ate his sponsor, Juliet Zawedde during his concert in Turney and Mama Kaliro.

Watch video below: