Kataleya and Kandle reportedly under house arrest over use of drugs

January 22, 2024

Ugandan female duo artistes aKataleya and Kandle are reportedly under house arrest over usage of drugs and depression that they are going through.

Kataleya and Kandle have been singing together for more than three years. Most people have mistaken them for being relatives but they are just friends.

They been trending on social media for their music and at the same time their style of music. Their management has invested in them so much money through songs.

For the last two months they haven’t been in the media or even posted what they are up to on social media.

Over the weekend rumour made rounds on social media that Kataleya and Kandle are on the verge of separating.

Former media personality Kayz he was told that the problem came from a man they were both sleeping with and not knowing that he is playing both of them.

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He also talked about their management withdrawing from investing in them and going through stress and depression of what they are going to do next.

“Whopper war : Kataleya and kandle singing duo on the verge of splitting
Depressed girls group better known for their songs like “Do Me I DO YOU” duo are on the verge of splitting , source says that the two have been bedding one man , management also invested in too much but reaped stones choosing not to invest anymore after the release of their Album in late August
It’s also alleged that the girl group is undergoing depression thus usage of drugs,” Kayz

Galaxy FM radio presenter Flora posted on her social media platforms that she has also been told that Kataleya and Kandle are under house arrest and they can’t allowed to move to the public.


“I am hoping girl duo Kataleya and Kandle is okay, I am unable to get to them or their management as they are not picking which is quite odd.
We need to ascertain the allegations all over social media including those on house arrest,” Flora Show