Kasuku Speaks About Chosen Becky And Dictator Amir’s Break Up Rumours

June 26, 2024

YouTuber and media personality Kasuku real name Katende Isaac has spoken about the break up rumours of singer Chosen Becky and her baby daddy Dictator Amir.

He said they are not the first of last to break up but he doesn’t understand why they would bring it in the media like it is something big.

Dictator Amir and Chosen Becky have been together for more than five years and they have two children together. At first they didn’t reveal the face of their son in the media.

When she got pregnant for the second time it is when the face of the older child was showed to the media.

Few months after welcoming the second child, the two started having their relationship issues.

Did She Cheat? Chosen Becky Accused  Of Sleeping Around With Different Men While With Dictator Amir

Dictator Amir was accused of having a child out of his marriage and Chosen Becky has been accused of sleeping around with different men while with Dictator Amir.

According to Kasuku, it might be right or wrong but no one needs to know as they have had different people speak about their relationships.

He said that all that matters is the music and Chosen Becky needs to concentrate on that otherwise people will not be moved by the other propaganda.

“I have been hearing this Chosen Becky and baby daddy drama but all I can say is that they shouldn’t bring it to us. We need music and that is all she should be telling us,”