Did She Cheat? Chosen Becky Accused  Of Sleeping Around With Different Men While With Dictator Amir

June 20, 2024

Singer Chosen Becky real name Kwikiriza Rebecca is on the edge in her marriage with social media blogger Dictator Amir.

They have been having ups and downs although they have two children with the youngest being just eight months old.

Chosen Becky joined the music industry saying that she is young and she is not ready to have a relationship. She had said that her focus is on the music and advancing her career until she makes it to the top.

A year in her career, Chosen Becky got pregnant with her second. She said that she had another child that she got from her previous relationship in high school.

Her pregnancy was hidden, she only talked about it after she gave birth and ever since then she has been talking about how proud she is to be a mother.

She recently welcomed another child and her boyfriend Dictator Amir said he is happy to be a father to two amazing.

Chosen Becky Speaks About Her Rumoured Pregnancy

According to Chosen Becky’s driver, the singer has been sleeping around with different men. He said that the boyfriend needs to do DNA for the children other wise he can be raising someone’s children.

“I was Chosen Becky’s driver for some trees and surely ladies can those things from their men. She has been sleeping around with different men and her baby daddy is really a man,”