Kasese Rival Kabale With A Banger | VIDEO

October 23, 2022


A week after Kabale went viral with their blockbuster, Kasese has responded and decided to rival them with a banger.

The Kabale clip was massive, local and backed up by killer vernacular vocals. The guy himself kew what to do.

We appreciate Kasese’s efforts but the guy seems to be a pensioner and had no time to waste.

All he knew was wear a kavera and get straight to digging.

Since this year began, netizens have been on full optical nutrition but our critics say, this is the worst clip of this year.


From Bushenyi water bae to Kabale, Kasese is a total turn off, NO WORK!

We advise Kasese to do auditions before allowing non skilled pensioners to play in the videos.