Kapa Cat On Why She Is About To Ask Mudra If He Is ‘Gay’

June 26, 2024

Singer Kapa Cat has revealed reasons why she is about to ask fellow singer Mudra D Viral if he is actually gay.

She said that a real man doesn’t behave like the way he behaves towards fellow musicians especially the female ones.

Mudra has been singing for about three years but he has been in the industry much longer than that. He started off as a song writer and later transitioned into an artiste himself.

In the music there are always fights but it is very rare to find a fight between a male artiste and a male artiste.

In this case, Kapa Cat said Mudra has been in her business for so long speaking about her and even carrying on grudges that don’t exist.

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She said she has got to point where she feels defeated and the only question going on in her head is if Mudra is gay.

Kapa Cat said she doesn’t fear anyone and that is why she is going to keep asking questions that she feels she needs answers for.

“I don’t know why Mudra would hate me or even have a grudge against me because we are not in the same category. He confuses me every time and I am about to ask him if he is gay,”