KAMPALA POTHOLE EXHIBITION: Jimmy Spire Causes Chaos On Social Media

April 19, 2023
Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo (PhD), Editorial cartoonist with The Observer has caused chaos on social media after he launched a campaign ‘Kampala Pothole Exhibition’ aimed at exposing the bad state of roads in Kampala.

Spire asked Ugandans to take pictures of potholes in their area, share location, size, and how long they’ve been there with a hashtag #Kampala Pothole Exhibition.

This move was hugely welcomed by netizens who have since shared potholes around Kampala.

Some have gone an extra mile to photoshop boats, fish and beaches to show the bad state of roads.

Naguru-Nakawa road

Since Jennifer Musisi left as Kampala Executive Director (ED), the state of roads in Kampala have gone from bad to worse.

The current ED Dorothy Kisaka have promised to fix the potholes in vain. Some roads which have been worse, are now being leveled by graders to reduce on the potholes.

Recently, Minister of Works and Transport, Gen. Katumba Wamala disclosed that the road network in Kampala is very old and need to be worked on. However, it needs a lot of money to fix which the government doesn’t have.

Most of the feeder roads in Kampala which were fixed before Jennnifer Musisi came in office are in poor condition. And those roads that were constructed during Musisi’s reign, look neat with even walkways.

Netizens are now pleading for her return to save them from this mess.