Justine Nabbosa gives tips on how to become a pastor

March 17, 2023

Gospel singer and preacher Justine Nabbosa has tipped people on how to become pastors in their lives and have people to follow them.

Nabbosa has been in the gospel music industry for ten years. But these people who sing gospel music tend to also have the preaching talent in them.

For Nabbosa she said for the time she has been in the industry, she has tried so much to make sure she also preaches. Through her songs and even when performing she preaches.

According to talented Justine Nabbosa, becoming a pastor like her is not that easy. It is not a business that people wake up and start doing.

She said people who want to become pastors should wait for God’s calling because with it it will be very easy for them to preach.

Nabbosa said the God’s calling comes with divine. Someone gets strength and support needed to sustain what they are preaching.

“To become a pastor, it’s not simply a matter of personal choice or ambition, but rather it requires a divine calling from the Lord himself. When the Lord calls you to become a pastor, you receive the support and strength needed to sustain you in your calling,” Justine Nabbosa


However in Uganda, people just wake up and decide to be pastors. They see it more as business than bringing people close to God.