Julie Birungi reveals new name as she drops the ‘Mutesasira’ one

July 22, 2023
Julie Mutesasira

Julie Mutesasira

Former gospel musician and ex wife to famous city pastor Mutesasira has revealed her new legal name.

She said she is now called Julie Birungi Jean after she legally married the love of her life Jean Lynette.

Julie Birungi feed Uganda to Canada to look for love and greener pastures. By the time she left she had separated with her husband and the father to her children.

On reaching, she fell in love with a fellow woman which is illegal and abnormal in the African society.

Having been so much involved in church, most of her fans and people that believed in her where so much disappointed.

But still, she followed her heart and feeling which led her to her new marriage she has been having for years now.

Recently she took her children too and they have already got their Canadian citizenship.

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She made a post on social media reminding her fans and other Ugandans that she is no longer Julie Mutesasira.

She said the people that will go looking for her by that name will be unable to find her.

According to Julie Birungi, Ugandans need a constant reminder that she is called Julie Birungi Jean not Mutesasira like they have been calling her.

“New post.
I would like to remind you all ,that this is now my legal name now .when you come looking for a ( Julie mutesasira) e Canada, or any where tebamumanyi.Omanyi mwagala nyo okumanya.anyway my name is