Juliana Kanyomozi Alleged Pregnant

February 4, 2020

Former I-Jay songstress, Juliana Kanyomozi is alleged pregnant.

Juliana who lost her lone kid Keron Kabugo in 2014 at Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi after a long battle with asthma, is said to be heavy and attending antenatal sessions.
At 37 years, the diva feels this is the right time to have a kid and inside sources claim she is 5-6 months heavy.

Juliana also has changed style of dressing; she ditched high heels and also wears baggy belly covering dresses.

We are told Juliana can’t wait to have a baby.

“She (Juliana) has always wanted a baby. It’s no secret, and this is finally happening. You can’t imagine how elated she is,” an inside source intimated to us.

We have also noted she is not active on social media like she used to be and rarely shares full photos.