Jovan Luzinda Reveals Financial Struggles Of Forming Band Groups

March 23, 2024

Singer Jovan Luzinda has revealed the financial struggles of forming Band groups.

He said people who have never tried to form one can’t understand until they finally try it out themselves.

Jovan Luzinda started his music career from the New Eagles led by Geoffrey Lutaya. He said there was much spoken their about not being paid.

He said he didn’t understand the financial struggles in the beginning but he got to understand them when he started his own.

Jovan Luzinda said he now knows everything and he will say anything about the people that used to form their own band groups.

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“People used to speak ill of Geoffrey Lutaaya, claiming he wasn’t paying people. I didn’t understand his financial struggles until I formed my own band,”- Jovan Luzinda