Jose Chameleone Legally Drops The Name ‘Chameleone’ As Political Fever Spikes

August 19, 2020

Singer and Lord mayor aspirant Joseph Mayanja  is popularly known as Chameleone but it seems like he needs it no more.

He legally dropped his stage name Chameleone and declared he will be henceforth referred to as Mayanja Joseph.

According to a statement he released, the incident happened on August 7, 2020.

“I Mayanja Joseph formerly known as Mayanja Joseph Chameleone, a citizen of Uganda do hereby absolutely renounce and abandon the use of my former name of Mayanja Joseph Chameleone and lieu, therefore, assume as from the day hereof my new name Mayanja Joseph,” the statement read.

“And I hereby authorize and request all persons to designate and address me by the name of Mayanja Joseph,” he added.

Newspaper piece announcing ‘Chameleone’ name is dropped

Chameleone is not the first to drop the name during this political period, Former Vision Group journalist Innocent Ahimbisibwe ‘Tegusulwa‘ officially renounced his Kinyankore name Ahimbisibwe for Tegusulwa, a kiganda name.