Chameleone Involved In Heated Verbal Exchange With URA Officials After Ambushing Him To Take His Car On Easter – WATCH VIDEO

April 12, 2020

Jose Chameleone will live to forget Easter Sunday 2020 after the Uganda revenue Authority (URA) officials ambushed him as they demanded papers of his new car, Toyota Land cruiser V8.

Chameleone who had come to perform for the Babaka live on BBS TV was shocked when the enforcement officers blocked him as they demanded papers of his car.

The red-faced Chameleone started exchanging nasty words with the tax men as he told them to first leave him and perform for the Babaka saying he had left the papers at home.

An angry Chameleone was overheard abusing the tax men and branded them slaves.

“We are tired of you, Twakowa, I don’t go with the papers, can you first allow me to perform for the big man and later we go to my place and get the papers”,  Chameleone said.

“You don’t rest, you even work on Christmas? A day Jesus resurrected?, You are slaves”, Chameleone added.

It is said that Chameleone bought Toyota Land Cruiser V8 in 2018 at 450m Ugx and URA insists he must clear 120m in taxes.

Jose Chameleone declared his intentions to run for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat in 2021 general elections on DP ticket.

Watch the video below: