Jose Chameleone Introduced My Wife To ‘Satanism’ – Kenyan Rapper Bamboo Claims – VIDEO

May 9, 2020

Five years after denying claims of being a member of a cult, Ugandan artiste Jose Chameleone has been accused of the same again.

This time he has been accused by Kenyan artiste Simon Kimani alias Bamboo of introducing his Ugandan wife Erica Mukisa to lucifer.

Speaking during a recent interview on TV 47 Bamboo said

“There are also African artistes who have sold their souls to the devil, one of the famous artistes in Uganda introduced my wife to Lucifer. At the same time she was just a sorcerer. His name is Chameleone. Spiritually he is a high level sorcerer”.

In 2015, Chameleone rubbished reports that he has joined a cult and labelled those linking him to occult practices as “very stupid and ignorant rumour mongers.”

In the recent past, rumours have been doing rounds that the singer had joined ‘Illuminati’ for more wealth and fame.

The allegations were especially heightened by the mysterious death of his brother, Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47.

After the death, it was said that Chameleone had sacrificed his brother to the cult. This was after a controversial video of him (Chameleone) emerged online, where he was depicted cutting off one of his fingers and sucking the blood.

However, in an exclusive interview with Word Is , the Wale Wale hitmaker rubbished the claims, saying he is neither a member of any cult nor has no plans of joining one.

“I don’t know what Illuminati is. That video yo watched was an act of magic. I had met a very good friend of mine called Benard. He is a magician from Switzerland. He was taking me through some magic lessons and the video was nothing serious. It was just a mere magic trick”, he said.


He added,

“Africa is very talented but we have a very ignorant society that is keeping us behind. To be honest with you, how can you sacrifice your brother for wealth?. I don’t call myself an average African. I am a successful African man. An average African lives on a wage. I am above wage. What else can i ask for in this life. So, in my own language, those are just very stupid and ignorant people”.

In her book titled Erica Part One: Seven Years in Hell, she exposes the latter’s life as a ‘witch’ before she got saved.

In the book, Erica gives a detailed account of how she was initiated into sorcery by her paternal grandmother at the tender age eight years.


“Because of the ‘love’ my grandmother had for me, she always insisted we share a bed and my parents had no problem with it. She would cut bits of my hair and nails as we slept, snakes would come and share bed with us. At first i was afraid but she told me they were just visitors”, She writes.


“Her bedroom always had a snake”.

 “Mukisa also recalls instances when her grandmother would go to graveyards and speak to spirits of the dead and after series of cult rituals, She (Mukisa) had powers to move out of her body and interact with her ancestors”

Bamboo with wife Erica Mukisa

According to the book, for the next seven years Erica practiced witchcraft alongside her grandmother.

Erica finally met her salvation in February 2009 when she converted to a devout Christian.

Watch Bamboo’s interview below: